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The “Traditional” Church

No one has seen the “traditional” Church since before Constantine. Constantine merged Roman religious practice with Government, then incorporated Christ into what became the State Religion. (this, of course, is the short course) Since all of the Scripture was written … Continue reading

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serve God with integrity

“Serve God with integrity, and if you achieve no success, at least no sin will lie upon your conscience.” Charles Haddon Spurgeon Wow, was on Twitter again this morning, and what do you know? Another tweet in the stream caught … Continue reading

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Eleven years ago a friend of ours asked my wife Vicky why she believed that what is written in the Bible is true. The friend said that she had read that there were scholars who questioned much of what the … Continue reading

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In the beginning

I work on the staff in a local church.  My work includes preparing the weekly message for display on large screens in our Worship space.  This week the message triggered a train of thought regarding “generations” and the discussion that … Continue reading

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