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The “Traditional” Church

No one has seen the “traditional” Church since before Constantine. Constantine merged Roman religious practice with Government, then incorporated Christ into what became the State Religion. (this, of course, is the short course) Since all of the Scripture was written … Continue reading

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REVIEW “Dangerous Church- Risking Everything To Reach Everyone” by John Bishop

“Dangerous Church” has exposed my every fear about the work I have been doing and given structure to my concerns over my effectiveness in living the life God has for me. This book has given voice to the words of Jesus as He tells us to “seek that which was lost..”, and to “… go and make disciples of …EVERYONE!” For my part I had forgotten the incredible power of this simple program!

God has confirmed something He has been nudging me with over the past couple of years in the experiences of John Bishop recorded in this book. I pray that as you read it He will show you anew His love for you and His will for you too! I pray that both you and I become willing to RISK EVERYTHING TO REACH EVERYONE! Continue reading

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