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Should We Live By The Book?

Can we live by the Bible? The answer is a resounding yes. In part one we see that the Scripture is essential and absolutely relevant for our Spiritual lives. Continue reading

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Book Review – “Twitter For Good” a new book for the ichthysgeneration

The bottom line is if you are using or think you should be using Twitter this book is a must read. Bravo – Thanks for delivering a vision for how we can work together so effectively to change the world for good. Continue reading

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serve God with integrity

“Serve God with integrity, and if you achieve no success, at least no sin will lie upon your conscience.” Charles Haddon Spurgeon Wow, was on Twitter again this morning, and what do you know? Another tweet in the stream caught … Continue reading

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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working (serving) together is success.” Henry Ford Was on Twitter this morning and the above quote, posted by Chad Hambrick of the Abiding Journey, popped into the stream. The post underlined a thought … Continue reading

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Twisdom from the Twitisphere

some essential wisdom (Twisdom) gleaned from the Twitisphere. Continue reading

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